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Duties: Packers must be able to carefully and efficiently pack and unpack fragile and delicate items while organizing client homes, offices or storage locations and ensuring not to damage any household or office goods or items and ensure that the packing can withstand the relocation of the goods from one location to another location without damage which results from poor or ineffective packing. The candidate must be able to work with packing materials, such as newsprint, bubble wrap and other tools of the trade. The candidate should possess good penmanship and be able to label boxes, crates, drawers and other house goods and items for moving. Must be able to work flexible hours with occasional late evenings The candidate should be able to assess a room or space and pack, unpack small to large items in different types of boxes or moving equipment and must be detail oriented, neat and organized.


Additional requirements: Pleasant and respectful personality, works well with others, Must be able to work flexible hours and occasional late hours, Be available to work Monday through Sunday, and holidays when required. Inspect and document any damaged items and log in journal and ensure that the supervisor gets a picture of the damage before it is wrapped and packed.

Be punctual, dependable, patient, responsible and energetic, no smoking or drinking during work hours and be able to work well with older clients.

Skills: Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds unassisted, detail oriented and organized.

Education Requirements: High school diploma or GED, Packing or unpacking is a strenuously physical and demanding job, because you are on your feet for periods at a time, so you must be in good physical condition and able to lift heavy objects of at least 1-40 pounds repeatedly over periods of many hours.

Tools Needed: screwdriver, phillps head screwdriver, allen wrench, pliers, hammer, scissors and blade.


Please- no phone calls.


Part Time/Full Time

Atlanta, GA


February 6, 2015